In my works, I look into the way in which information is being mediated,
and how events that occurred in the past are re-told today.
I investigate the ways in which historic archival materials are manipulated or mediated, and the resulting potential impact on the construction of the narrative, and on the perception of reality.

Images that forged a collective identity as part of popular memory are dismantled and reassembled to provide new and challenging narratives. In this way, I present the elusive borderlines between political and institutional power and popular culture, as well as the covert, subliminal correlations that are being made between these worlds and are affecting our lives.

I use different methods to enable new speculative meanings to emerge from historical research: archival imagery combined with contemporary footage, testimonials, staged reenactments, soundscapes, computer-generated images and digital animation
and installation. I try to create illusions that draw attention to the ways in which entertainment is a mechanism of social power, and that cinematic media techniques are used to portray war and terror, as manipulative means to create identification and control.

Born 1989, Tel Aviv

Lives and works in Los Angeles, And Tel Aviv.


2021:  UCLA Margo Leavin Graduate Art Studios, Demon sealers, Los Angeles.

2021: Al-saf, Demon sealers, Tel Aviv.

2019: Farhud- Jerusalem film festival.

2017: "smoke Rings": Gabirol, Tel Aviv.

2017: "Atrium": Artists' studios, Tel Aviv.

2017: "LIFE SCIENCES" Natural History Museum, Jerusalem design week "Slowly dying".

2016: "Julian", Artists' studios, Tel Aviv.

2016: CAN KIOSK, "Some lines from Tel-Aviv, Artists' studios, Tel Aviv.

2015: Open Museum of Photography, Tel-Hai, Israel.

2015: Final exhibition, Bezalel, photography department.

2012: (catalogue) formally speaking, Haifa walks. Haifa sentence, Haifa museum.


2018-2020 MFA, Department of ART, NEW GENRES, UCLA.

2012-2015: BFA studies, photography department, Bezalel Academy of Arts, Israel (summa cum laude).

2013: Exchange Program SVA, New York.

Prizes and grants

2023: The Plumas Art Foundation 2023 grant

2019: Jerusalem film festival 2019 – The Ostrovsky Family Fund Award: Farhud.

2019: Graduate Student Research Fellowships-y&s Nazarian center for Israel studies (UCLA).

2019: Martha Matthias Danny award (UCLA).

2019: Graduate Division award (UCLA).

2018: Registration grant (UCLA).

2018: University fellowship (UCLA).

2016: Exhibition grant, The Arts Department, Culture Division of Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality and the Yehoshua Rabinovich  Foundation for the Arts.

2015: Bezalel Excellence Prize in memory of Aharon Dovrat, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

2014: Excellence prize in the Photography department .

2014: Josef and Ada Bolaffio prize for excellence (history and theory department).

2013: The Rami Halperin Prize for an Outstanding Student.