Slowly dying

The work conducts a renewed encounter with
a Textual source, undermines its exclusiveness, challenging his prior credibility and offers new conditions for the emergence of the hidden or potential elements repressed in it Textual elements, associated with the Yom Kippur War such as:
places, concepts and identities, are deleted from the protocols depicting wartime cabinet meetings.
The text remains, without any addition of words, and keeps the chronological succession of the protocol, then reassigned into the spectacle. Now the text is different, copied into the new frames belonging to the audition and the conventions of popular culture and entertainment establishments.
The actress in the audition offers a speculative and dramatic interpretation of Golda Meir’s part in the protocols. What is taking place is a functional media event, apparently coherent, examining the possibility of documentation, its boundarie and status.
The event does not create sense, it neutralizes the trauma, and eliminates any content. Thereby the message of the performative medium collapses and loses control.