Hurricane 901 is a video project , which examines the symbiotic relationship between spectacle in show business and that of war, terror and trauma.

Speaking in front of smoke machines, is an event that does not fit the usual models of  testimony, re- enactment, dramatic monologue and performance but tries to blur between them.

The testimony or the verbal re enactment are expressions pretending to unveil an illusion of truth, understanding and order that gone out of control and out of balance.

The video re-enactment presents an “excess” of reality, so to speak, that is saturated with descriptions and expressions of emotion and raw grief – but actually reveals fragmented utterances, empty of meaning and logic and lacking substance and tangibility.

Hurricane 901 is one of the commercial models of smoke machines. In this interpretation, the exhaling machines are technological recipients of a testimony that exposes trauma as a trendy product in an ostentatious society that consumes excitements and indulges in temptations.

The re-enactment and testimony relate to the grandiosity of the spectacle, to the world of show business. They remind us of a malfunction during a stage performance, echoing one of Beyonce’s intensely powerful performances, and naturally flow into the realms of battlefield and terror.

The exhaled smoke is a common image in the worlds of stage performance and battlefield.

Alongside manifestations of power, the smoke is a violent simile for a terrorist act, which serves to screen, blur and conceal truth – a cover, for obfuscation and camouflage.